ESG Credentials

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

ESG is a way of evaluating a company’s corporate social and environmental credit score compiled from data collected and related to the intangible assets of a company. The intangible assets of a company now contribute to an increasing percentage of a company’s future enterprise value.

Queensland Pacific Metals is committed to contributing to a clean, green and sustainable planet.

The company’s Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) has undergone an ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment by industry leading consultants, Minviro. The conclusion of this assessment demonstrated that the TECH Project would be net negative carbon, reducing total carbon dioxide emissions each year by 238,000 tonnes.

Queensland Pacific Metals believes the TECH Project boasts by far the best ESG credentials in the world for developing nickel projects.

TECH Project ESA Credentials include:

  • Reduction in Australian Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Use of waste gas results in the TECH Project reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 238,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent (~52,000 typical passenger vehicles).
  • ISO-Compliant Calculation – Independent Life Cycle Assessment verification completed
  • Industrial Ecology: Maximising the value of ore mined with all major metals in the laterite ore extracted and refined into commercial products
  • Minimal Environmental Footprint: There is no requirement for a tailings dam and there will be zero process liquids discharge. Project residue represents ~20% of original ore mass and there is current research underway with potential to make the TECH Project “zero waste”
  • Western World Labour Standards: Developed nation labour laws from ore supply through to final products
  • Culture: Building and fostering a high-performance culture with motivated employees working to a common goal
  • Workforce: Inclusive and actively building diversity within the company
  • Traditional Owners: Acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners, The Bindal People, with a Cultural Heritage Management Agreement CHMA executed to deliver training opportunities and jobs
  • Local Community Sponsorship: focusing on encouraging kids into sport in regional & remote Queensland
  • Community Presence: An office has been opened and staffed in the Townsville CBD to establish a presence in the community and provide information to the community.
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